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Please note that I am not accepting puzzles for publication and/or analysis until further notice. See more.

Early in March I flew over to the UK to visit family for a week. Talk about bad timing. A few days after I arrived, the excrement hit the rotating blades and thanks to travel restrictions and cancelled flights, I was unable to return to Prague (where I live) until the end of April. I did not have my laptop with me during my extended stay, so had no access to my crossword programmes or the software I use to edit this site. That meant I was unable to deal with the considerable number of puzzles I was sent Ė no doubt a result of people being forced to stay at home Ė and I could not work on my own puzzles.

Now that Iím home I have a mountain of work to catch up on, and will not have time to process puzzles submitted for analysis and/or publication. Until further notice, please do not send me any puzzles.

If you plan to write a crossword for submission in the future, please note that I will not accept puzzles themed around the current crisis. Apart from the fact that it could be seen as insensitive to exploit the situation for entertainment, I am sure that many people, like me, are fed up with the C-word and donít wish to be reminded of it!

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Welcome to my website. Itís exactly what it says Ė free crosswords online to print off so you can solve them at your leisure. No subscriptions, no pop-up ads, no nonsense.

I am a professional crossword compiler (or setter, itís the same thing). I produce puzzles for the Financial Times as Alberich and the Independent as Klingsor. I have also contributed a couple of puzzles to the Times Listener series. The puzzles I have written for this site vary in difficulty. Some are thematic and/or use a wide range of vocabulary. I have also published several crosswords from guest setters, many of them relatively new to writing crosswords. You can find both sets of puzzles via the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

I have written several articles about various aspects of cryptic crosswords. You will find them via the links below. There are a few non-crossword pieces as well.

If you have written a puzzle and want to submit it to me for publication or my opinion, you are welcome to do so. Please read this page before sending. I am often asked about using these puzzles in other publications, and you can find the relevant information here.

This is the mobile version of Free Crosswords Online! It is new, so if there are any technical issues please let me know and I will try to fix them.

Happy solving!


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