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I am always pleased to receive feedback. It helps me to make improve­ments to this site where needed and all constructive comments are welcome. Feel free to report any broken links or problems with content not displaying properly. If you have any crossword-related comments or questions, please send them in and I will answer them if I can. If you have written a puzzle and want me to look at it, either for possible publication or just an opinion, do send it to me. Please note that these days I receive a lot of puzzles and so have to be rather choosy about which ones I publish: see here.

I try to deal with feedback and questions promptly, but my work setting for the FT and Independent, and other responsibilities, mean that sometimes I may not get back to you straight away. I do try to respond within a couple of days, but sometimes real life gets in the way and this isn’t always possible. I therefore ask for your understanding here.

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