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Guest Puzzles

The links below are to puzzles by other setters, which Iíve published over several years. You may notice that some of the setters have gone on to publish broadsheet puzzles, notably for the Independent. They are listed with the newest first.

The puzzles are in PDF format. If you donít have a printer for your phone, you can download them and save them for later. This is not the complete collection Ė for older puzzles you will need to go here (currently only available in desktop format).

Puzzle by WiddersbelPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by ContoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 3 by GonzoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by Stone Age ManPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by BaldurPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by ChristopherPuzzleSolution
Northern Lights by DhansakPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by PebblePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by GrecianPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by ContoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by HubblePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by PebblePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by AmoebaPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by HippogryphPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by GonzoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by LaccariaPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by GonzoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by RaymondPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by RagsPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by HaroldPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by HoodwinkPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by FoxglovePuzzleSolution
Puzzle 3 by ClydePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by SnackyPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by HopsterPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by WhynotPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by DeucePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by ItalicusPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by FiddlesticksPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by WirePuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by ClydePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by LaccariaPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by MuckyPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 4 by WindsurferPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 3 by RodolfoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by ClydePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by BarmecidePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by StarhorsePuzzleSolution
Puzzle by WolfgangPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by BearPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 3 by EustonPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by WiglafPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 3 by WindsurferPuzzleSolution
Puzzle by BombadilPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by RodolfoPuzzleSolution
Puzzle 2 by EustonPuzzleSolution