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Internet Crossword Links The Crossword Centre has regular monthly puzzles, some very informative articles and an excellent message board. Crosswords from the New York Times. You need to pay a subscription to access most of them but there is a weekly freebie from the archives A collection of interactive puzzles by Anax, who appears on this site. Crosswords by Poins, a contributor of two puzzles to to this site. A daily blog giving a breakdown of Guardian, FT and Independent puzzles. Very useful if you do these puzzles and get stuck! A site containing many cryptics and all sorts of other puzzles from Michael Curl, who sets for the Guardian as Orlando and the FT as Cincinnus. This is the Magpie magazine, which offers puzzles generally thought to be even tougher than the Listener. A cryptic clue writing contest hosted by Anax, one of this site’s regular contributors. A collection of cryptic puzzles, many of them thematic. 3-D puzzles offering the chance to enter a competition and also to make a charitable donation. Big Dave’s crossword blog, which reviews the Telegraph puzzle daily and in addition has a collection of puzzles, some set by contibutors to this site. An excellent crossword-related blog which covers all aspects of crossword writing with many interesting articles. Features puzzles from Hisashi, who has set here, and a useful analysis of each puzzle to help those new to cryptic crosswords.

http://crypticcrosswordplanet.wo... This is a crossword blog from Paul, one of the Guardian’s most popular setters. Useful if you’re stuck on a prize puzzle and can’t wait for the published answer. Of course, you shouldn’t enter the prize draw if you use this forum! Discussions of current Listener puzzles are much more restrained, with a self-imposed ban on hints and spoilers. Like Answerbank above, this is a forum where solvers can receive hints for prize puzzles, including the Listener. The general consensus among posters is that they prefer to give and receive gentle nudges rather than direct answers, which is as it should be. This site by Henry Howarth, who set a puzzle here as abcFoxglove, offers some very useful tips for those who want to learn the dark arts of solving cryptics. A collection of puzzles by Algy, who was among the first to contribute a crossword to this site. Dean Mayer, one of the finest setters of our time, sets an entire crossword from scratch in a live broadcast made on 11th September, 2018. Site of Paul Henderson, aka Phi. It contains a collection of his crosswords and several crossword-related articles.

Non-crossword links:

http://argumentativeoldgit.wordpres.../ This superb blog is dedicated to the arts (chiefly music and literature). The author provides a wide range of intelligent articles which are erudite without being pretentious and written with some charming self-deprecating humour. A welcome antidote to the relentless hype surrounding moronic celebrity pop culture!