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The links below are to the most recent of my puzzles, newest first. All my puzzles are print-only, so there seems little point in including the whole lot on the mobile site. The puzzles here in PDF format. For the complete set you will need to go to the desktop version of this site. This will open in a new tab so you can return easily to mobile view.

You can also download a set of puzzles here which are unpublished leftovers from my agency days. They are very easy, but if you do want a collection of 50 professionally written puzzles, for your own enjoyment use or for use in another publication (see terms here) then feel free to download them.

Crossword 86PuzzleSolution
Crossword 85PuzzleSolution
Crossword 84PuzzleSolution
Crossword 83PuzzleSolution
Crossword 82PuzzleSolution
Crossword 81PuzzleSolution
Crossword 80PuzzleSolution
Crossword 79PuzzleSolution
Crossword 78PuzzleSolution
Crossword 77PuzzleSolution
Crossword 76PuzzleSolution
Crossword 75PuzzleSolution
Crossword 74PuzzleSolution