Free Crosswords Online!
I receive a fair number of e-mails from people asking me if they can use these crosswords for various publications, usually student papers or special interest magazines. To save me writing the same response over and over again, I have outlined my answer to this question below.

These crosswords are free and are not copyrighted. Neither I, nor the guest setters, have received any money from their being published here. Therefore I have absolutely no objection at all to their being used in certain non-profit printed publications (NOT other websites). I am thinking here of charity newspapers/magazines, student newspapers, parish magazines and any other publication from which monies generated are used to contribute to the community in some way. I do NOT wish these puzzles to be used in newspapers and magazines which are commercial ventures, intended to generate income for their publishers through sales or advertising.

I appreciate that there may be some grey areas here, and if in doubt feel free to ask, but as a general rule: if your publication exists for philanthropic reasons, you may use the puzzles, but if it exists to enlarge your bank balance, I would rather you didn’t!

I do ask that if you are using the puzzles, you observe the following three conditions:
  • That the name/pseudonym of the setter is clearly printed with each crossword you use. My own puzzles should appear as “Set by Alberich”; if you use the guest setters’ puzzles, please give their names/pseudonyms too.
  • That the address of this website is clearly identified as the source of the puzzle(s).
  • Finally, I ask that you do NOT use my puzzle 28. It contains a personal message and I would prefer it to appear here only.

Obviously the lack of copyright means that I can’t enforce any of the above, but I hope that a sense of fair play will prevail here. I’d also be grateful if you would let me know which puzzles you use and a little about your publication.

Please bear in mind that I add puzzles as and when I can – but I prefer quality to quantity and therefore don’t add them at any given time. Hence I would advise that you may well run out of puzzles if your publication appears often. In addition I would suggest that you try these puzzles yourself before using them. Some of them are very esoteric and may well not be particularly suitable for your readership. You may find these puzzles more suitable – they are unused leftovers from my agency work and very simple in comparison with those in My Puzzles and most of those in Guest Puzzles.

If you have any questions about using these puzzles please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy solving!